Top items that need to be in cold storage

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Top items that need to be in cold storage

Whether you own a cool room or commercial refrigeration unit, you might not be utilising them to their full capacity.

Knowing what items you should refrigerate will ensure you are maximising the use of your fridge as well as practising food safety.

If your business centres around food, this article is especially important.

As food refrigeration is a huge safety issue, you want to make sure things are up to code. But even non-food items may need cooling to maintain their shelf life.

Dairy productsDairy

Dairy may seem like a no-brainer, but mentioning it is essential, nonetheless. Obvious things like milk or yoghurt belong in the fridge, but unbeknownst to you, a lot of foods may contain dairy.

If you stock or supply any food items, you should check the ingredients as well as the storage suggestions. You don’t want to have to discard a bunch of stock because it wasn’t chilled.


If you are supplying customers with beverages, then having the option for cold, refreshing drinks as opposed to warm, room temperature ones can make the difference in sales.

Basic logic and also studies show that cold beverages are more refreshing. For those of us living in the hot Australian climate, this fact is even more real.

Another benefit of having a cool room or refrigeration unit for your beverages is it allows you to display the products neatly and expertly.

Pastries and cakesPastries and cakes

When we think of pastries and cake, we often associate them as warm, delicious treats. But there is a case to be made for having these items chilled when displayed.

Don’t worry – it is easier to heat something than to chill it. Having items presented nicely in a display fridge allows customers to view and select.

With this, they can request for it to be heated. Or they can just take it home and keep it chilled then heat it themselves. It is a simple thing that can set you above the rest!


Not a food item, but still belongs on the list. If you sell makeup, creams or health products, you may be storing them all wrong. Studies and manufacturers have detailed that eyeliners and nail polish, when stored in cold places such as fridges, work better. The discolouration process slows down.

Face creams are another good that, when chilled, has better use. So when offering these products or perhaps storing them as inventory, it might be wise to invest in a cool room.


Again, another no-brainer, but the health impacts of not correctly storing meats can be significant. It is crucial you properly refrigerate or freeze the meat, especially if you’re reselling them.

Commercial fridges in Sydneyshould be routinely maintained to ensure that they are performing optimally.

Meats that are not appropriately refrigerated can pose significant health risks. Also, it is much easier and cleaner to display meat in a cool room or refrigerator.

It is never worth it to slack on health and safety. Ensuring your commercial fridges or cool rooms are efficiently running and maintained is critical.

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