Things you should know before buying a commercial ice machine.

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当你打算买一个新的康门cial ice machine, there are many factors to consider. Ice machines is a crucial appliance for many businesses and without ice, it may be difficult to stay afloat. With every purchase, certain measures should be taken before blindly buying.

In today’s articles, we would like to help you choose the ice machine that suits best for your business.

1. Think about how much ice you need:

Make sure you have an accurate estimate of how much ice your business needs to have on hand every day. Take that number and add another 50 kg of production to ensure that you are never without ice when you need it.

2. What your ice style?

Do you use ice for beverages? Will you be presenting your ice in salad bars or fish markets? With all these questions comes a different style of ice. Flake ice, nugget ice, full or half cubes and crescent ice are all among the options you can choose from your ice machine. Make sure you know what kind of ice your machine makes before buying a new one, as this can’t be adjusted after purchase.

3. Take a measurement:

The majority of ice machines on the market are either 22 or 30 inches wide. You may have this space readily available in your establishment, but most also require six to 8 inches of clearance on the sides and in the back of the unit. This means you may need additional space for your ice machine to operate well and create ice.

4. Energy Conservation:

An Energy Star qualified ice machine can cut your operating costs greatly. It also has a less detrimental impact on the environment, which makes it desirable in any facet of your business.

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